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Meet your local rancher:

My name is Leigh Anne, I'm 33 years old, and ranching is my passion - or one of them anyways!  I am also a Firefighter/EMR for the Touchet Fire Department and when I'm not busy caring for my cows, there is nowhere I would rather be than on a wildland fire, protecting our area's amazing local resident's crops, rangeland, livestock, businesses and homes.

I've always had an interest in crops and cattle, and I received my first hands-on introduction to the farming industry as a 13 year old kid driving tractors, changing siphon tubes and damming ditches on a neighbor's 200 acre corn/hay/barley operation in Colorado. We moved to eastern Washington and upon graduating from high school at age 16, I immediately launched into the farming industry focusing on alfalfa hay production; although this was a good educational experience for me, it lacked the acreage and equipment necessary to be worthwhile.  By the time I was 18 I was operating our family farm full-time, but my real dream was to be a rancher.  I overseeded the hay fields with orchard grass and started my venture into the cattle business the same way a lot of young ranching entrepreneurs do: with one cow.  

Not being from a farming or ranching family, my growth in the cattle industry has been a unique challenge that would not have been possible without a lot of help, encouragement and knowledge shared by other amazing Walla Walla area ranchers and animal health professionals.  Fifteen years of growth, learning and challenges later, we look forward to sharing an amazing eating experience with you!

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